The Basics

There are multiple aspects and usually multiple entities when designing and building luxury log homes, custom log homes, mountain homes, timber frame homes, post & beam homes or (usually) hybrid homes.

  1. THE DESIGN, ENGINEERING & DRAWINGS FOR THE HOME : This normally involves a designer, architect and engineer (if not engineered by the architectural or design firm). A log or timber home company can also provide or develop the house plans. The drawings will start with concept sketches, evolve into more detailed CAD drawings and result in “permit ready” drawings needed to apply for the building permit. At this stage the construction and shop drawings usually still need to be completed.
  2. THE SITE PLAN: This is the plan for the land and it covers areas like soil types and load bearing engineering, water management, erosion control, creating road and utility access and adding elements like ponds. It also shows the house placement, especially relative to zoning requirements, challenging elevation issues or passive solar energy, etc. An engineer and surveyor usually creates this with input from the designer of the home. Building permit applications usually require a scale site plan in addition to the permit ready drawings of the house. Then some cities require “as-builts”, a final survey of the site after the project is completed.

  3. THE LOG OR TIMBER PACKAGE : This is everything needed to create the shell of the home as well as all of the "cool" log, timber or specialty elements throughout the home. The log or timber frame company normally provides this.

  4. GENERAL CONTRACTING THE HOME(GC): - This is the process of taking the construction drawings, the log or timber frame package and the other needed elements like the site work, foundation, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, finishes, etc., and build the home. There are times when the architect/designer is hired by the homeowner as the homeowner's advocate to oversee the general contractor.

  5. “FINISHING” TEAM : These are the partners that, working with the GC & homeowner, help “finish” the project. Examples are the interior designer, home entertainment planner, landscape architect and others.

ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY was intentionally not  included as an aspect listed above because it is not a line item but a philosophy that is integrated throughout every aspect of the entire project. Whenever possible, whether using alternative fuels to a completely integrated certification process, we are always conscience of the design,  materials and installation methods in every project to minimize the environmental impact and maximize the energy savings.

This can be daunting! There is a better way to dealing with all the different professions, issues, personalities and responsibilities. We call it "single point of accountability" or Design/Build. When all issues are coordinated through one person/entity there is a reduction of risk, a co-ordinated master plan, better communication, reduced conflict and a better outcome. We are a Design/Build Company.

We also understand that you may already have some of these areas complete or currently working with vendors. To help you achieve your goal, we can work with you or your vendors in any of the areas.

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Designing, Supplying and Building Luxury Log Homes, Custom Log Homes, Timber Frame Homes, Custom Log Homes, Mountain Homes and, Custom Hybrid Homes all with environmental responsibility.

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