Badger Brothers Natural Materials™

The log or timber “package” includes the materials that will create the log,  timber or a hybrid shell of the house. It can also include elements needed to “close in” the home like windows and roof systems. Finally, it can include interior log or timber products like hand scribed log stairs, massive king post timber trusses, or unique moldings or trim. 

Unlike most log and timber home companies that tell the value story of their logs, their corner systems, their timbering capabilities, their wood species, we will use whatever woods, corners, joinery or finishes needed to make each project exactly what it needs to be. Normally the woodworking and joinery we do to create these many stunning elements is done by hand.

For example, if you want a log home with hand-scribed Swedish-coped corners, we can do that. If you want a timber frame home made of distressed timbers with peg joinery, we can do that as well. If you want both, we can do that too. It is about what you want in your home, not just what we inventory or mill.

No matter what we use, our base assumption is that the elements for each home must be excellent, low maintenance, and green where applicable. The level of "green" is based on two considerations, cost and the customers needs. We always use green or environmental responsibly products and systems when cost is not an issue.  We also assume that the craftsmanship must be of the highest quality. A great idea with poor execution is just not acceptable.

Some clients have a clear understanding that they want a timber frame or a log home. Others know that they love the comfort, strength and feel of a natural wood home, but have no clear direction on whether it will be log or timber. Both situations are fine. We’ve completely designed the concept of a home before the client finally decided on the kind of wood and finish they wanted.

Finally, if we must research and find just the right artist to handcraft a client’s front door, the best reclaimed wood species for their flooring, or the proper logs to make that space spectacular, that is what we will do.

"...We never thought we could ever get the perfect balance of design, engineering and material selection in one home, our home. There are endless possibilities but they made it so easy for us."


Designing, Supplying and Building Luxury Log Homes, Custom Log Homes, Mountain Homes, Timber Frame Homes, Custom Homes and, Custom Hybrid Homes all with environmental responsibility

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